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Olympics and Mediterranean Cruise! 579Hello everyone,

Here is a picture of me at the London 2012 Olympics which seems fitting given that it was a combination of two things I love: London and Athletics which made it one of the happiest days of my life!

I have decided to blog about my goal to run the Virgin London Marathon (“VLM”) with a good for age place.  If you do not already know what a good for age place for the London Marathon is, it essentially equates to a guaranteed place in the VLM if you can run a sub 3:45 marathon if you are a woman aged 18-40  (that is me) and a sub 3:05 marathon if you are a man.

In terms of my running experience, I have run since I was a child.  I ran middle distance competitively at school and university (800m and 1500m) and first ventured into long distance running a few years ago.  I am incredibly lazy at training which is one of the reasons I first entered a marathon (I had always had pretty good cardiovascular fitness because of my history of running and so would just rock up to half marathons having run a couple of times but confident I could complete the race).

In terms of the races I have run, in the last few years I have run the Bristol Half Marathon, Liverpool Half Marathon, Reading Half Marathon x2, Chester Marathon, Run to the Beat London Half Marathon, British 10k, Bramley 10 miler and Hamburg Marathon.  I recently (this year) joined a running club- the Ealing Eagles that I absolutely love.

My personal bests are:

5km – 23:11

10km – 52

Half Marathon – 1:45 (Reading 2013)

Marathon – 3:55 (Hamburg 2013)

I hope writing this blog will really encourage me to properly follow a marathon training plan for the first time in my life and I am hoping that some of you will follow me on my journey.

This blog will also discuss my investigation of my perfect “racing weight” and any steps taken to achieve this.


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