Update and starting a running streak!

Hello everyone,

I can only apologise profusely for my absence which has been over a year!!!  Shortly, after I posted my last blog post I got injured and got too frustrated to blog.

Here is my news since I last posted:

I have run 3 more marathons: Portsmouth, Marrakech and Berlin.  None of these marathons have been sub 4 marathons for one reason or another.  Portsmouth (definitely not a PB course), Marrakech (tore my hamstring) and Berlin (I just hadn’t trained!). What have I learned from this experience?  I really don’t enjoy running marathons which last longer than 4 hours, I am an extremely injury prone girl and running for over 4 hours just hurts so much more than getting it done in less than 4!

It logically follows from the above that I have yet to achieve my aspiration of running a good for age time for the London marathon.  I feel pretty ashamed of myself because a GFA time is only 10 minutes quicker than my current marathon PB so I just need to pull my finger out and train

I am now a married woman!!  I got married one month before I ran the Berlin marathon and returned from my honeymoon two weeks before which I think explains the lack of training.

I have one new PB since I last posted and I am really proud of it: 10K : 45 minutes!  Finally I ran a race and averaged quicker than 8 minute miles!!

Weirdly, I have been feeling a serious lack of enthusiasm at the prospect of training for another marathon and so i’ve decided to go back to basics! I was reading an article in Runner’s World and have decided to start a running streak… this is where you run every single day for a set period of time.  I am going to do my running streak between now and Christmas.  I should say that since I ran the Berlin marathon, I haven’t been feeling great (my body is probably in shock at the fact that I put it through 26.82 (yes, not a typo grrrrr!!) miles off the back of one 13.1 miler and a 20 miler- so I shall have to see how it goes.

The people who reported on their running streaks to Runner’s World reported that they had lost weight and got faster – sounds good to me.  I also think a huge benefit for me is that it will get me into a routine for running.  I work extremely long hours and so often find it problematic finding the time to do all the training required for a marathon.  As someone said in the article, you have a serious problem in your life if you can’t find 30 minutes to yourself!  I think this will give me a great foundation and hopefully be one part of my journey to a spring marathon PB and good for age place in the Virgin London Marathon (which will now be my second World Masters marathon)!

I should have said… Berlin marathon was AWESOME, despite the fact that I hadn’t trained to be there when the Men’s World Record for the marathon was broken – that was priceless!Run Streak Running - 20 mile training run


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