Pardon my streaking!!

Hello dear readers,

Unfortunately, I have once again been an absent friend.  The usual has happened to me, I have been swamped with work and deprived of sleep.  When this usually happens to me, running is one of the first things to be discarded on account of my lack of time.  NOT THIS TIME!!!  I am doing a running streak after all!!

So, how have I enjoyed my running streak?! The truth is I have loved it, it has shown me that no matter how little sleep you get, no matter how many hours you work and how tired you are, it is possible to run every single day, in rain, in bitter cold and late at night.

I was inspired by Ron Hill to slightly amend the rules of my streak.  I have to run at least one mile every single day to Christmas (initially) but now i’m not sure i’d be able to give it up then.

In terms of the pros of a running streak, I am just so happy to be running, stripped back to basics and without the pressure of a training plan.  My mileage has been a lot higher on average (my average mileage even when marathon training has unfortunately been pathetically low) than it has been and i’m not training for anything.  I also have a new Garmin – the 310XT which picks up satellites so much quicker, the only thing I don’t like about it is it records lap pace whereas my old trusty Garmin recorded both instant pace and average pace.

In terms of the cons of a running streak, the initial exhaustion has subsided, I don’t really seem to get much DOMS,  One thing I am aware of is having to really listen to my body, i’m stretching a lot more and I tend to use the one mile run days as recovery runs if i’ve had a hard session the day before.  I’m aware that for an injury prone person like me, the streak opens up the possibility of further injury which is why I am rolling and stretching like never before!

I have to say though that the pros of a running streak far outweigh the cons!


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