Running streak for nearly 7 weeks!

So I started my running streak started on 20 October which means I have been running every day for 7 weeks on Monday.  Now running every day simply means running at least 1 mile a day (following the great Ron Hill) but nevertheless I am impressed with myself!  For a fairweather runner like me, who in the past has had to be training for something to run with any degree of consistency, this is a huge deal.  Its also a big deal for someone who is massively injury prone and has had about every running injury going.

I only planned to do my running streak until Christmas day.  However, now I simply don’t want to stop. The problem is come 29 December I need to start marathon training, will I jeopardise my marathon training by continuing to run one mile per day and not having rest days?  I think my legs are now pretty used to running every single day although they got seriously tired one day this week after I did a 5 mile run and a spinning class on the same day!

I know running streaks in general are pretty controversial, but for me unquestionably it has worked in my quest to get my mileage up, fit running into my crazy life and prep my body prior to marathon training.  I also believe that if my former stress fractures, acute tendonitis of the knee, plantar fascitis, ITB, hamstring tear self can do this without adverse effect anyone can!


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