Death of my running streak :( :( :(

I am devastated to report that my running streak is over.  After my fairly despondent post on Saturday, I didn’t imagine that my asthma predicament could get any worse.  I was wrong 😦

Unfortunately, I have picked up a chest infection which severely exacerbated my asthma, for anyone who knows anything about asthma, peak flow was 2/3 of its normal level and lots of wheezing and crackles in my chest. It was so bad that I was prescribed steroids (prednisolone) and antibotics and I have to return to the doctor on Monday at 9am.  The Dr was also very clear that if my breathing got any worse I would have to be admitted to hospital and put on a nebuliser.  I had to go to work as I was in court but I was struggling to breathe just walking around so to even try and run/walk one mile in the cold would have been utter stupidity.

I lasted for 8 weeks and 1 day though,  the most frustrating thing is I wanted to last until Christmas day – only 8 days away.  C’est la vie I guess.

My mind has been whirring with various possibilities though (since I haven’t been able to run!).  Soooooo, my beloved Grandma who I loved with my entire heart and soul passed away very unexpectedly this year from systematic amyloidosis.  It took just over one month from diagnosis for her to die from his horrible disease.  Most people have never heard of it before but its like cancer, only instead of having tissue that multiplies everywhere and kills you, with systemic amyloidosis a rogue protein multiplies out of control and shuts down your organs.  The only treatment is chemotherapy but there is no cure.  My Grandma had just started chemotherapy one week before she died.  Anyway, my Grandma was treated by the Royal Free Hospital in London – the National Amyloidosis centre for the UK and they really could do with some more money to research amyloidosis.  They were aiming to raise £50,000 and have raised a measly £7,000.  I’d like to raise money for them.  At the moment, a diagnosis of systemic amyloidosis is a death sentance and it can strike at any age.  Raising money for research into this disease could literally save lives.

I have never run for charity ever before but I have run marathons so I was always acutely aware that to get people to sponsor me I would have to do something out of the ordinary.  I’ve contemplated doing an ultra marathon but I am not sure about that, they all seem to be pretty hilly and require navigation.  Whats more, I am not even sure I like running 26.2 miles let alone more than that.

So I’ve thought of a marathon based challenge:  Run 4 marathons in 4 weeks, for my injury prone self this would be a HUGE deal!  Here are the ones i’ve found that would work:

1.  Rotterdam

2.  Manchester

3.  Hamburg

4. Geneva

I am seriously tempted….


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