More treadmill workouts….

Can you sense I am just dying  to get running again?!! I have decided that I am going to give myself complete rest though to recover from my chest infection and being back better than before…

Annoyingly, the majority of treadmill workouts I have found are in miles per hour and the treadmills in my gym are in kilometres per hour!

Here we go:

Treadhills 1: VO2Max

  • 10-15 min warm up
  • 3 x 3 min hard with 1 min easy running x 1-2
  • 10-20 min cool down with easy running

Run the warm up flat, gradually building to a speed you are able to hold while running relaxed.

For the 3-minute hard sections increase incline while keeping the speed the same. I suggest that for most people this will be somewhere between 3% and 5%. After 3 minutes of hard running on the incline, revert back to flat and stay at that same speed. It’s really important you don’t overestimate your relaxed pace, as you have limited recovery between hills.

For beginners (anyone who can’t hold sub 4min/km pace over 10km), do one round of intervals. For better runners, do two. If you are doing the second round of hills, then take a 5-minute break between the first and second 3 x 3 blocks.

Treadhills 2: Race Pace Work

  • 10-15 min warm up
  • Above and below race pace efforts x 3 x 1-2
  • 10-15 min cool down

This is a little tricky and needs some knowledge of how fast you run to make it work. A simple way to figure these speeds is by using this calculator. Fill in the distance you want to run in the race and the target time. Let’s start with a projected 40-minute 10km. That gives you 4min/km as race pace.

This is where it starts to get really nasty. Adjust the incline slightly – no more than 4% – and bump up the speed to just above race pace. Something like 3.45min/km in our example and run for 2 minutes. After 2 minutes slow the pace down to just below race pace. Something like 4.15min/km would be good here and run two more minutes. By this stage you should have run 1km. Repeat this for two more reps. Experienced runners (those going below a 40-minute 10km) can do another set if they want.

This is a brutal session and doesn’t need to be done every week. You’ll get either 3km or 6km of race pace work up an incline with this session, so be careful as this is one of those sessions that gives enormous benefit but comes with a big recovery cost.

These sessions are good fun and give a lot of benefit almost immediately. Don’t feel the need to do both in a single week though, as a little gives a lot of benefit. The same goes for deciding how many sets of each interval to do – start with one and see what happens. When added to some easy runs and a longer run each week these sessions can add a big boost to your race pace.


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