Perivale 5 – 7 December 2014 (Race Review)

I decided that whenever I run a race I will provide a race review on my blog about it.  I always find it useful to read reviews before entering races that I know little about, after all races are sooooo expensive these days!

So, the Perivale 5, I decided to enter this as I had never run 5 miles before and it is also a race that is local to me ( I live in Ealing) and run by a local athletics club (ESM).  Its also really good value for money £11 if you are affiliated to a club, £13 if not!

The race was very well organised, we had to pick our numbers up on the day but there was no delay at all in doing this.  The perivale track facilities were available to runners so we were able to lock our belongings away in the lockers and there were also ample numbers of toilets provided. The stadium facilities also provided welcome relief from the cold. The race itself was a two lap route, running through the park adjacent to the athletics track and then finishing on the athletics track.  The route was well marked and the mile markers were visible. It was amazing to finish on the track with many supporters there to cheer you on.  Surprisingly, I also quite liked the two lap route, primarily because the second lap was the shorter 2 mile lap!  There was no medal but we did get a free technical t-shirt (though it isn’t the prettiest I have ever seen!) and there were cakes available to purchase after the race which were very welcome indeed.

I ran it in 38:39 which was OK, at least I ran it at sub-8 minute mile pace BUT it is slower than my 10K minute per mile pace.  I just didn’t feel that fantastic from the very beginning but i am happy enough with the time, at least its respectable 😉

Would I run it again? Yes, definitely!!


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