Brooks Serpentine New Years Day 10K – race review

Before providing my review and personal opinion of the Brooks Serpentine New Year’s Day (“NYD”) 10K I need to provide a disclaimer, I had a horrible race and so to a certain extent I am sure my opinion of the event was/is influenced by that.

So what possessed me to enter an event on NYD? Well firstly I thought it would be cool to start the year running and secondly huge numbers of my club entered the race, 60 out of the 600 runners! Doing a race on NYD morning inevitably meant that we didn’t go too crazy or go to bed toooooo late on New Year’s Eve!

Unfortunately, New Year’s Day this year was an extremely cold, miserable grey day!  It was therefore extremely unpleasant having to arrive early for the race to pick up race packs etc and meant there was a fair amount of inevitable waiting around in the cold.  Thankfully, we arrived with a friend from our running club and huddled for shelter/warmth in her car for the majority of the waiting time.  I can’t even imagine how bad it would have been if we had had to wait outside!

As to the race itself, it was a two lap route around Hyde Park, it was pretty unexciting and there was a hilly bit, the two lap route also meant that apart from the fastest runners we had the pleasure of getting lapped round the course!  The course was well marked and it was well marshalled.  The finishing straight was quite nice although the paths weren’t closed so you had walkers/random tourists on the route with you.  Headphones were banned,  I think this was totally unnecessary, its not as if we were running on open roads.

Probably the most disappointing part of the race was the fact that we didn’t get either a medal or a T-shirt on finishing the race, instead we got a very cheap looking drawstring small rucksack (in the Serpie colours!!).  They could have at least provided a medal!

I had a horrible race as I had an asthma attack mid-route.  It is a testament to the kindness of runners that a lady I didn’t know who heard me struggling with my breathing took it upon herself to run with me to the finish.  I probably wouldn’t have finished it were it not for her.

Would I do this race again?  I very much doubt it,  I think I would have had a much more enjoyable time if i’d just fastened up my trainers and done my own 10K run out of my front door!


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