A weighty issue!!!


“Losing two pounds can take 25 seconds off a 10K time”.  Carly Utzschneider

I mentioned in an earlier blog post that I got married last summer, my husband and I had never lived together before we got married so have spent the last few months in newlywed marital/domestic bliss which has consisted of us eating some really lovely food and also gorging on a lot of bad/junk food whilst watching movies/Netflix etc.  As a consequence we have both ballooned!

I lost a fair amount of weight for my wedding (it just dropped off me in the month or so prior to the wedding) and now am about 2 stone heavier which is a) embarrassing, b) disgusting and c) has to change.  I am not overweight by BMI (thankfully) but I do consider myself to be extremely heavy for a runner.  To put things into perspective,  I started this year as 10 Stone 8 lbs, whereas when I ran my 10K PB in July 2014 I weighed approximately 9 stone.  That is a big difference and clearly is going to have an effect on my running.

I don’t mean to discourage anyone who is overweight from running but for me personally, at this weight running is a real slog.  It feels a lot easier when I am lighter and additionally as someone who is injury prone,  I am acutely aware that carrying this extra weight around is increasing my injury risk.  I cannot afford to get injured, I have had way too much time out in the last two years due to injury.

Another big issue is the fact that I am so much heavier than my “racing weight” as per the book by Matt Fitzgerald.  I calculated once that my ideal racing weight was about 111lbs – i started this year at 148lbs!!!  That is a pretty huge difference.

I am constantly haunted by the fact that I used to be so much quicker at running than I am right now.  My mile and 5k PBs are simply embarrassing when seen against the context of someone who was a decent middle distance runner.  One thing that has changed between now and then is my weight.  I am approximately 3 stones heavier than I was when I was running my best times.  To give myself the best chance of running that fast again I need to be the same weight so that as many of the variables are the same.  Maybe then I could run a 5K time to be proud of. Maybe.

So, my quest for 2015 is to lose 3 stone!!  It is not going to be easy,  weirdly, I always seem to gain weight when marathon training.  Its also hard to perform to the best of your ability when you are restricting your calories.  However, a girl has got to do what a girl has got to do!!  I am determined to change this situation and hopefully get much faster and healthier in the process.Racing weight blog

I am so far away from the skinny girl in the picture its unreal!!


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