Marathon training – Part 1

Good afternoon lovely readers,

I am not sure whether I mentioned yet that I have my own running coach.  He is one of the coaches in my club and offered to coach me on my running journey. He is AMAZING and it goes without saying that all of the below would not have been achieved without him!

I started marathon training on 29 December 2014 so I have now been in the process of marathon training for 5 weeks – coming in to the 6th week of a 16 week training plan!  Despite the fact that I have run 5 marathons, I am very ashamed to confess (as a club runner) that I have never followed a marathon training plan (or even really attempted to follow one) and certainly never followed a training plan for any shorter distances.  In the past, I would usually just run a couple of times in the week for about 3-5 miles – varying difficulty – (either really easy on my own or a bit more effort if  doing one of the club runs) and the closer it actually got to the marathon, long runs on the weekend.  Consequently, the concept of a taper is alien to me – those last two weeks would be when I was frantically getting runs in!!

To give you some idea of my lack of training for previous marathons, here are the exact mileage figures that my Garmin logged:

Berlin Marathon – 133.03 miles In total between June 2014 and 28 September!! I ran my personal worst in the marathon but still in 4:33 which is pretty good all things considered.

Hamburg Marathon – 275.88 miles in total between January 2013 and April 2013 – I ran my current personal best of 3:55 in this marathon

By contrast I ran 133.9 miles in January this year alone and some of that consisted of hills, track etc oh and I had many a moment where I forgot to turn my Garmin back on so probably more than that!  I have also strictly adhered to my training plan despite having a few weeks of working horrendous hours – im talking 100 hour weeks 😦

If I hadn’t had my coach training me none of the above would have happened.  With my asthma problems i’d been suffering i’ve been running personal worsts in almost every distance.  I wanted to quit, convinced that it just wasn’t the right time.  However, my amazing Coach convinced me that it was too early to throw in the towel. My husband considers me to be extremely lazy when it comes to running and marathon training in general (and I guess he has a point based on my mileage above) and believes that if I manage to make it to the start line of a spring marathon I will smash my PB.  I hope so.

Now i’ve omitted to tell you the most important detail of all – which marathon I am running?!  I am running the Manchester Marathon on 19 April this year!  Not exactly a glamorous location but a lot of runners from my club are either running it or coming to cheer us all on.  Its definitely the alternative marathon for the Club, primarily for those runners who did not get in to the Virgin London Marathon!


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