Marathon training – Part 2

One thing I am really intrigued about and would like to try is doubling up i.e. running twice in one day.  One suggestion is to add easy morning runs of three to five miles on hard workout days.  This is both a good way to add mileage and doing this way helps you learn to run fast on tired legs.

The problem is I really don’t want to overdo things and find myself injured but I confess I am totally intrigued by the concept and would definitely like to try this.


2 thoughts on “Marathon training – Part 2

  1. I’ve been on a quite a few running holidays/training camps and most days we did double runs. We ran hard and fast in the morning (anything from 5-15 miles) and then did a 5km ‘recovery’ run every evening. This was meant to be at an easy conversational pace, although as the slowest person in the group I’ve often ended up running a bit faster than I should have.

    The first five minutes are usually tough, but it eases off and I found that I had remarkably fresh legs the following day. By doing the recovery runs, I was able to run 75+ miles in a week, which is far more than my usual mileage.

    I’ve also done 5x10k within 24 hours, with a few hours break between each one. It was really tough, but after you get moving it doesn’t seem as bad.

    Good luck 🙂

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