The Perils of Marathon Running :( – Injuries

hip pain

Despite blogging previously about how well my marathon training had been going and how many miles I had run, I am sadly having to have an entire week of rest 😦

I did a track session of 6 x 1 mile at 5K pace followed by 10 x 200m but I only managed to do 6 x 200m as I had starting limping.  Unfortunately that was the start of an issue with my hip 😦  Initially I ignored it and ran through the pain but it has unfortunately not resolved itself despite going to the physio and doing every conceivable hip stretching exercise 😦

Matters came to a climax on Saturday when I had decided to do my long run of 15 miles.  The plan was to run 7.5 miles at 9:30 m/m pace and then the final 7.5 miles at 8:30 m/m pace.  I started out running and was finding it incredibly difficult to run 9:30 m/m pace – this should be an easy pace but I was really struggling 😦  I had planned to incorporate Old Deer Park Parkrun into my run but by the time I got there with 40 minutes to spare I had slowed down so much that I was running 11 m/m and run/limping.  At that point thankfully I had the sense to stop and used my oyster card to get the bus home.

Despite my abortive long run, I planned to run it on Sunday instead and did some work on Saturday feeling optimistic about completing my long run the next day.  Alas, I went to an event that evening and my hip was extremely painful to walk on and even to put weight on it.  I met up with my coach on Sunday and he suggested that I rest for an entire week and then try Parkrun on Saturday and my planned Half Marathon – Great Bentley on the Sunday.  My hip is still hurting 😦 and its Tuesday!  I  am abstaining from spinning as apparently that might also aggravate my hip and just trying to rest and only do strength work.  It is hard though.  I am definitely full of energy which needs to be dissipated!  I will literally go nuts if I am not able to resume some kind of exercise regime next week!

I am still feeling pretty positive at the moment.  The 19 April is a very long way away right and hopefully my hip will be fully able to be resolved by then and I will be running without any injuries and stronger than ever before.  I pray that will be the case.


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