First run back after a week’s rest!

As I mentioned in a previous blog post, I seem to have picked up some kind of hip injury.  I rested all week and was also advised not to go spinning so felt very frustrated all week.  My coach and I agreed that I would then run 5k today and if better run the Great Bentley Half Marathon tomorrow.

I was extremely frustrated Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday because despite rest my hip was really painful all the time – on walking, sitting etc. On Thursday it started feeling a bit better and on Friday no pain on walking etc.  So I decided that I would do my local parkrun today to see whether the half marathon is or should be a serious option.  Before I left my house I got a text from my coach saying “DO NOT RACE Parkrun, Promise me you won’t race Parkrun”  Well after seeing that first thing I clearly couldn’t just defy my coach and race parkrun so I just took it extremely easy – talking and waving to people and jogging along quite nicely.  Time was 25:22 and hip didn’t really hurt but I was aware of it if you know that sensation?

I came home and did some dynamic stretching and got on my rumble roller! I have an extremely sore patch in my thigh – its hard for me to tell if it is my hamstring or quadricep as it feels deep in the middle but its hard for me to describe how painful it is but it is more when sitting and then putting weight on it to stand up than running so I hope I am OK to run tomorrow.

The coach leaves at 730 tomorrow so I am up early but I will see how I feel when I get up, any pain in my hip or thigh on exertion and I wont be going!  I hope running tomorrow won’t prove to be a big mistake….


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