Injury Frustrations…

Good morning readers,

Its 8:49am and I am home blogging when I would usually nearly be at Parkrun by now.  Unfortunately, since I last blogged about the Bramley 20 race my hip has been refusing to play ball.  It was even more frustrating that my hip was fine for the initial 2 days after Bramley which I took as rest days.  I was really excited to run on the Wednesday (really really excited) as my schedule allowed me to do a 3-5 mile tempo run.  I had been feeling for some time that in order to improve my running times/PBs I really needed to get used to running 7 m/m pace.  There was a time when it was a huge achievement for me to run 8 m/m pace and then it became my go to ‘easy’ race pace there was a long time when it was my 5k, 10k, 10 mile and half marathon pace – oh dear.  That should give you a small indication of my natural laziness as a runner.

Anyway, I started fixating on running 7-7:30 m/m pace. So on Wednesday morning, I ran out of my door at 7m/m pace (maybe that was the issue as I didn’t warm up just started running at that pace).  I maintained 7:30 m/m pace for the first mile but then I started struggling with my breathing as it was a super cold day and then to top matters off my hip started really hurting and I even had a pain in my heel.  I should also say that I was wearing a brand new pair of asics cumulus running shoes (as my second pair of trainers) with my orthotics.  The heel pain came on so quickly that I am convinced it was from the new trainers.  I am deeply afraid of developing plantar fasciitis as quite a few of my running friends have had it for a very long time and it seems to be to be one of the more difficult injuries to get rid of.

After the dreadful run, I went to work in my ordinary running trainers and my heel felt fine.  Unfortunately, the same could not be said of my hip 😦  It was SUPER painful for the rest of the day which really distressed me and annoyingly was painful on Thursday and Friday too!!!!  Arrggghhhhhhhhh  On that basis, my Coach suggested I take some proper rest for a week rather than rest for a couple of days, run and then have the hip hurting loads and have to rest again.  I didn’t want to listen….. BUT my coach is immensely wise and has been the voice of reason for me since i’ve been running after Berlin.  I’m not going to ignore him and make things worse, so no Parkrun for me and no long run tomorrow.

Here is my plan for the coming week:

1. Go swimming at least once.

2. Do kettlebell workouts every single day

3.  Do 60 minutes on the elliptical trainer every single day.

4.  Try doing this hip workout every day

I am hoping to do the Battersea Park London Self Transcendance race – its 10 miles and if my hip behaves itself, I think I could run a 10 mile PB, particularly when I consider that my 10 mile PB was run on the Bramley course and I now entirely recall how hilly that was!

I have an appointment to see an orthopaedic surgeon on Thursday to give me a bone scan of my hip, to check for a stress fracture I would imagine!  I’m hoping that I don’t have a bone problem but in light of the “crunchy” pain I have been experiencing I think I need to exclude it.


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