Foam Rolling

Some time ago now, when I first ever experienced pain deep in my glute, a fellow runner advised me to get a foam roller.  I looked on Amazon at various reviews and suddenly I became aware of the RumbleRoller – essentially a foam roller with knobbly bits meaning it is able to painfully penetrate deep into the muscles!  Now, I couldn’t live without it, whenever I have a slight niggle in my glutes or hamstrings or calves, I get on it and let it work its painful magic.  I swear by it, it works wonders.  It cost about £50 but I think that it an amazing price/investment given that it has literally saved me £100s in sports massages.  It literally mimics the feeling of someone pressing their elbow into your derrière!

The RumbleRoller:

Rumble Roller

Up until now, I have only used my foamroller when I have already got some kind of a problem.  However, I am contemplating using it every day in order to loosen my muscles and avoid them getting to the point where they I have niggles.

I found this quote in Runner’s World which seems to aptly demonstrate the pros of foam rolling:

“Foam rolling is huge.  It’s a more powerful recovery tool than stretching… it helps you push out the metabolic waste, it promotes circulation and it’s a lot cheaper than forking out for a massage every week.  The more you foam roll, the less you’ll need to see physios like me.”

Surely this must apply x10 to the Foamroller.  I will be testing it out!!

As an update to my cross-training this week I think I was slightly ambitious in my schedule.  I will report back on how much I have actually managed to do!


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