A long lost hello!

Good morning dear readers,

I am sorry that I have written on my blog for some time.  I’ve been really struggling with my bad hip and have had to have a lot of time off running 😦  I really don’t feel I have answers as to what is actually wrong with my hip.  I had an MRI scan which came back entirely normal yet I have a painful hip most days.  Ironically, sometimes it doesn’t hurt when I am running but boy does it hurt afterwards.

It seems to be a less typical injury, its definitely not piriformis syndrome or ITB, the pain is actually in my sacral illiac joint and the pain is referred into my groin area which causes serious discomfort as i’m sure you can imagine!

Anyway, onwards and upwards.  I have been hoping for some time to run a PB in the Reading Half Marathon – my PB is 1:45.  I shall certainly put my all into it and we shall see!

P.S its not all doom and gloom, I did have a couple of good training runs with my running club friends 🙂16 Mile Training Run



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