Cross Training – Week 1 (in Earnest)

Hello darling readers,

Well, since I stopped running I have spent a large amount of time feeling sorry for myself and consoling myself with food.  This combined with the lack of running has meant I have piled on the weight – 5kgs in about 5 weeks eeeeekkkk so I am now only slightly less heavy than I was at the start of the year – which is inescapably depressing.

I have decided that I really really need to try and get to my racing weight – need to lose about 3 stones.  This is not just so that I can run faster but actually much more importantly, as any scientist knows (f = m x a) an undeniable fact is that with running the heavier you are the greater the impact forces on your body/joints every single time your foot hits the ground.  With my hip issues, I cannot be responsible for making that impact any worse than it has to be.

My plan regarding running and my injury is not to run at all for 8 weeks – tomorrow I will not have run for 4 weeks.  I figure that if rest is going to heal my hip injury, 8 weeks gives me more than enough time to heal.  If after 8 weeks things have not improved and I am diagnosed with a labral tear, surgery will be something to seriously consider.

Last week I made a couple of discoveries!!  I can do spinning classes, this doesn’t really hurt my hip at all – yay and I even enjoyed the elliptical trainer one day last week!

Here is a summary of my cross training workouts for last week (Week 1):

Monday: 45 minutes elliptical trainer

30 minutes swimming

Tuesday: Rest

Wednesday: 45 minute TRX class (no squatting or lunging)

20 minute elliptical trainer

Thursday: Kettlebell workout – 20 minutes (chest and back)

45 minute spin class

25 minutes elliptical trainer

Friday: Rest

Saturday: Rest

Sunday: Rest

Seeing it written down actually shows me how little I am doing, the weekends are a particular dark spot as my gym is close to my work which is a 1 hour commute to my house so its not that convenient to go to the gym on the weekends!


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