Cross training – weeks 2 & 3 (and some encouraging progress!!)

As per my last blog post, I have been trying (with varying success) to maintain my cardio vascular fitness (and develop some strength) whilst not running!

Week 2 was a very positive week, I did as much exercise as I possibly could.

Week 3 was a lot less positive, I was feeling a bit lazy but I was also very busy at work and travelling to courts outside of London which meant it was difficult to use my gym which is located in Central London and not close to my house.

Anyway here is my exercise log for the two weeks:

Week two W/C 20 April

Monday: 45 minute spin class

30 minute swimming class

Tuesday: Rest

Wednesday: 45 minute spin class

Thursday: 25 minute spin class

30 minute elliptical trainer

Friday: 47 minutes elliptical trainer

Saturday: 1 hour elliptical trainer

Week three W/C 27 April

Monday: 30 minute swimming class

Wednesday: 45 minute spinning class

Friday: 20 minute kettlebell workout

I’m sure you can see the horrible discrepancy between weeks 2 and 3 of cross training :(.  I really must do better.  My big goal is to do kettlebell workouts 3 times a week.  The workouts are only 20 minutes long and I definitely have 20 minutes spare three times a week.  I just need to stop being so lazy.  Developing strength is 100% fundamental to my remaining injury three.

Good news and a big development:

I went to see a “postural alignment specialist” on 25 April 2015.  I can’t begin to explain how sceptical I was about this.  I think being married to a doctor makes you highly cynical and sceptical of alternative health practitioners.  Anyway, since my outlook was so dismal in terms of my hip I figured I might as well look into it/give it a try!  The person I saw practises the Egoscue method and prescribed me some very strange exercises.  By the time I left the appointment, I felt that this was a big waste of money and a con and wouldn’t help someone like me who  more than likely had a labral tear of my hip.  It probably didn’t help that my hip was particularly painful the day I went to see him.  BUT the next day my hip felt so significantly better that I have been trying my best to do the weird exercises everyday and have read The Egoscue Method of Health through Motion.  Since I have been doing these exercises, I have had many days of being pain free rather than having the constant nagging ache in my groin (hip joint).    The real test is whether I can run without pain either during or afterwards.  I am scared to even try it.  I am terrified of that pain coming back but until I try I have no idea whether my hip has improved or whether this is a temporary respite simply explained by the fact that I have not run for 6 weeks tomorrow!


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