Cross training – Week 4 (and an unhappy attempted return to running)

I was slacking somewhat in terms of cross-training last week.  I had some much anticipated and welcomed time off work and didn’t cross train at all during those days -(spa weekend)!

As I mentioned in my last blog post, I was very keen to try running again (after my 6 week lay off) and in light of the fact that I was no longer in constant hip pain and I was able to squat and lunge again.

Here is my cross-training summary for the w/c 4 May:

Monday: Rest

Tuesday: Rest

Wednesday: 45 minute spinning

Thursday: 45 minute spinning

20 minute kettlebell workout

Friday: 25 minutes elliptical trainer

40 minutes yoga (Broga)

10 minutes running

Saturday: Rest

Sunday: 10 minutes running

As you can see from the above, running happened…  However, it was far from a happy event.  I ran on Friday on the treadmill post my yoga class.  It hurt from about 10s in or was at best uncomfortable.  I then spent some time in my favourite Egoscue exercise (static back) in the Gym sauna and I was OK.  I told myself it was just because i’d just been doing yoga and it would not necessarily be as bad if I were a) running outside and b) hadn’t done yoga immediately before.

On Sunday I put the above hypothesis to the test.  I was wrong.  I was actually volunteering at my running club’s 10K race (obviously not being able to run it) so decided to run 10 minutes to get there.  I was really excited.  Once again, it hurt alot from about 10s in and worse than before, it hurt like it was hurting before for the rest of the day and the day after.  This caused me a fair amount of distress.  I was OK with being able to spin and cross-train but not being able to run at all without immense pain.  That was not cool.

I spent a lot of time reading about labral tears and acetabular impingement which did not really help the distress situation.  I am finally seeing the Orthopaedic Surgeon next week.  I’d be surprised if I don’t have a labral tear because it is the only thing that really explains my symptoms.  We shall see.  I thought I definitely had a stress fracture in my hip and I didn’t so,who knows.  I really want to know what exactly is wrong with my hip and what needs to be done (if anything) to sort it out.


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