Hatfield 5 2015 – Race Report

I haven’t really felt like racing recently.  After having to reluctantly concede defeat when it came to St Neots I just feel really over racing for this year.  2015 DEFINITELY hasn’t been my running year, months off with injury, struggling with my asthma and chest infections… the list goes on.

Anyway, notwithstanding the above I entered the Hatfield 5 – a club championship race for the Ealing Eagles.  I quite enjoy the 5 mile distance, not as far as a 10k but you can run slower than for a 5k!  I felt that all things being equal and not the disaster of a year i’ve had I would be able to beat my perivale 5 mile PB from last year.

Hatfield 5

Well lets talk about the actual race… the race HQ was excellent – held in a large spacious sports building with a canteen and lots and lots of loos.  One of the best race HQs i’ve experienced!

Unfortunately, I found the race itself pretty uninspiring, it was flat but we were running along busy A roads for the majority of the course.  I found it hard to get excited about that.  The race marshalls were a bit hit and miss, some of them were great and very enthusiastic, others seemed to only cheer on running clubs they knew in the area (I want/need cheers too!!)

There were two water stations which I felt was more than adequate.

Sadly there was no track finish like in the perivale 5.  One of my running  club members outsprinted me with about 100m to go but this in turn inspired me to pick up the tempo- that was probably the only part of the race I truly enjoyed.  Oh and I did get a PB, of 38s!  I did the best I could on the day.

The medal was really disappointing – it just referred to activetrainingworld (the race organisers) 2015 – it didn’t even say it was for the Hatfield 5! We also were given a flask filled with water.  The water was appreciated but I would have much preferred to get a decent medal and no flask!

Would I do it again?  Unlikely given the choice between this race and the Perivale 5, I would pick the Perivale 5 every time (I am a real sucker for a track or stadium finish) and the two races are usually run on consecutive weeks.


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