Base training success but a naughty, nagging sartorius!

Hi everyone,

So, since I last posted base training has been a success!  I have absolutely loved it.  It has been great to build up my mileage and not be racing and see my heart rate coming down on runs!

However, I’ve had a couple of minor setbacks necessitating rest days – all to do with my naughty sartorius.  To give some background, this is a muscle deep in the thigh and is very closely linked with the hip flexor. Hence, during my sad injured hip days, my sartorius was also often excruciatingly painful.

The first thing that aggravated it was a complimentary taster personal training session, where despite the fact I told the trainer I was having a rest day and didn’t really want to work my legs he had me running on the treadmill, dead-lifting a heavy kettlebell and effectively running with a heavy tire.  Anyway, since that session 19 days ago eek my sartorius has not been the same!

I also finally got round to trying out Project Fit- I mentioned it a while back.  Its essentially a treadmill/circuits class.  I worked harder on that treadmill than i’ve ever worked on a treadmill in my life BUT the class also contains a fair amount of body weight exercises, lunges, mountain climbers etc.  My hip/sartorius hated it 😦 , i’m in a bit of a quandry, i’d love to go back but with my dodgy hip area I wonder whether i’d be much better off simply forcing myself to work harder on the treadmill alone and continuing with my kettlebell workouts.  Everything seems to be fine when things are controlled.  The problems occur when I do these weight exercises at speed.

I am going to get my sartorius looked at in the New Year because I should be able to do everything and not have to be so careful for the rest of my life, i’m a young woman after all not a candidate for a hip replacement operation!

In the meantime, I have found these amazing sartorius stretching exercise videos on youtube click here – this actually changed my life!!

Here is an idea of what you get to experience at Project Fit – I swear the lighting actually is Red! Picture is courtesy of Women’s Fitness.

Project Fit - Women's Fitness



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