When running doesn’t quite go according to plan… some massive positives too!

Apologies my lovely blog readers, it has been a long long time since I last blogged on here. This time my absence is thankfully not because i’ve been out with injury for a long time but more because my running has been up and down and I haven’t felt the desire to blog about it.

I think i’ve realised in the last few months that in the last few years instead of addressing various (mostly work related) problems I turned to running as my saviour and put so much pressure on myself to perform as a runner to make up for those things which weren’t going so well in my life.  For me, this led to inevitable injury  (and ironically abysmal performances as a runner) as I had no perspective at all as to the place of running in my life.  I felt like it was vital to run that next race- regardless of how much pain I was in because it was everything and all that mattered.  Obviously, writing this down I can see how insane this sounds… i’m an amateur runner, I have no aspirations to be an elite athlete (thankfully for me or I would be sadly disappointed!) and my career which is non-running related is massively important to me as is my husband and my non-running friends.  I’ve turned a corner now and have taken huge steps in making progress in addressing those challenges in my life and so running is now back in its proper place- as something I do for fun!

Further to my last blog post, I sadly didn’t get to run the Great Bentley Half Marathon- I ended up getting really ill with a chest infection and had to stop running for a couple of weeks.  I then ran the Wokingham Half marathon which couldn’t have been a more disappointing race for me.  Contrary to my expectations of running  a super flat race, it felt constantly undulating and from the start my quads were absolute aching, I was in pain from about 6 miles into the race and I just got slower and slower.  I did end up with a PB… of 26s which unsurprisingly I was disappointed with having recently randomly taken 50s of my 5K PB.  I didn’t give my legs enough time to recover post Wokingham and forced myself to hobble around like a little snail a couple of days after the race… Big mistake… I ended up aggravating my ITB which was very painful for a couple of weeks and I made the wise decision to simply rest 100% no real cross training, nothing but the strengthening exercises.  The really disappointing thing about this was I ended up missing both the Cardiff World Championship Half and the Reading Half Marathon.  I was really gutted about missing Reading HM, but I knew it was the right decision and in line with my goal this year of avoiding any substantial injury layoff periods!

I’ve also had a lot of fun running wise this year.  A group of us from my running club do some Parkrun tourism about once a month.  Since I last blogged, i’ve done Bushy Parkrun (super flat and fast but very busy – 1000 plus runners)Bushy Parkrun

and also Crane Park Parkrun – where I was delighted to come in as first lady and as a comeback parkrun after my ITB injury!  We go for brunch afterwards which makes it all worthwhile

Crane Park Parkrun

The positive news is that since I last blogged i’ve actually run 4 new PBs!!!  A 1 mile, 5K, 10 miles and Half Marathon PB!!  I’m pretty chuffed with that but it kind of confirms what I always knew- if I could avoid getting injured, I could actually improve.  I’m most pleased about my 10 mile PB as I knocked a massive 7 minutes of my previous one and managed to maintain a sub 7:30 m/m pace for 10 miles which means I should be on target for that sub 1:40 HM target i’ve been dreaming of!


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