Three Forts Half Marathon 2016 – Race Report

Again this is a long overdue race report…  I ran this race in May!  I hope the report is worth the wait.

I ran the Three Forts Half Marathon on a beautiful sunny Sunday in May!  The weather could not have been more perfect for it, lots of sunshine but mild.  I had decided that I wasn’t even going to attempt to “race” the half marathon as it is clearly not a PB course (it takes place on the amazingly beautiful but super hilly South Downs) and I also had an ‘A’ race (10K) that I was planning to race the following weekend!

In terms of the course, it was so much more beautiful than I had expected.  Some of the most beautiful English countryside that I have ever run on. This necessarily meant that there was not a vast amount of spectators or crowd support (and thankfully no cars for the vast majority of the route!).

There were regular food and drink stations… I haven’t got to grips with eating during a race but I helped myself to lots of fruit squash so definitely gets a thumbs up from me on that front.  The course itself was tough, very hilly (I had to walk in some sections) and near to the finish there were some very steep narrow downhills which I was slightly afraid to run too fast down as I didn’t want to break my neck!

I felt the race was extremely reasonably priced considering what you got for your money.  It was chip timed and we got a decent medal (although the lanyard was a bit rubbish).  I think anyone who loves trail running would absolutely adore this race.  As you may be aware, I am a real sucker for spectators and crowd support and the absence of hills so it doesn’t make my shortlist of favourites and I couldn’t imagine racing it… I wouldn’t be able to walk for a fortnight.

Would I do it again?  Yes, if I were able to get a lift there again, it was a lovely run but I think I’d treat it as a catered training run with the most beautiful scenery!

I’d give it 7/10 for me personally but I think anyone who loves trails would give it 10/10!

I ran it in 2:01:14 – I didn’t look at my watch, though I think if I’d have known how close I was to 2 hours I would have sped up!



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