About Me

OK how would my friends describe me?  I am a slightly ditzy girly girl who loves being the centre of attention, yet is contrary to appearances (apparently!!!) pretty intelligent, ambitious and determined and obsessed with running/exercise.

This is a blog about my determination to get a good for age place in the London Marathon.  I’ve been running since I was at school  but I used to be a middle distance runner (800m and 1500m) and once upon a time I was quite good at it.

Nowadays I run marathons (not sure I was ever built or meant to be a long distance runner but c’est la vie).  My PB is 3:55 with negligible training due to the insane hours I work as a commercial chancery barrister.  BUT  I am determined to put in as much effort as I have put in to getting where I am in my career into running and get a marathon time that I will actually be proud of.  One day I will achieve my goal.  It is not a question of if but when. I do feel in a bit of a hurry though because i’ll probably have children in the next 5 years and juggling running, my career and children scares me to death!

In terms of what I like:  I love fast, flat races with lots of spectator support.  I adore running in the sunshine.  I adore running when its warm/hot.

I hate running in winter, in the snow, hills, mud and on my own for 20 mile runs!  Did I say I hated hills? yes I did, but I really really do!  I love running downhill though so swings and roundabouts, I had to get really good at running downhill in races because I was soooo rubbish running up them!

Despite the above, here is a picture of me after a XC race last year   (the Middlesex Championships) where I was literally swimming in the mud at Wormwood Scrubs! I have to confess it was actually quite fun!  Cross Country 4th Jan


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