Race Bucketlist

1. Reggae Marathon – Negril, Jamaica

This is at the absolute top of my list for races I would like to enter .  This is a race I have wanted to enter for years.  I cannot think of anything more amazing than running in ,what to me is, the top place in the world for running!!  Whilst I may not be a sprinter, the fastest men and women in the world originate and reside in this tiny island which for decades has done disproportionaly well in the Olympics when one considers its size.  Running is part of the cultural heritage of Jamaica and I can’t think of anything better than running there.  A huge reason why I want to run the marathon and go to Jamaica is that it is also part of my cultural heritage!!  My mum is Jamaican (although she came to the UK when she was one!) and hence Jamaican blood flows through my veins!!  I am convinced thats why I used to be halfway decent at athletics 😉  The obstacle is the cost of getting to and staying in Jamaica and also dealing with the humidity when only getting the chance to train in the UK!

2.  Comrades Marathon – South Africa

The first time I saw the race profile for this I thought it looked horrendous and that there was no way I was so insane to enter a race like that.



Its also 56.1 miles which having done a fair few 26.2 milers and suffered in the last 6 miles seems pretty insane.  But thats kind of why I’d like to do it!  The hubby is also keen.  Again cost is an issue!

3. Ratracethewall.com

This is a 69 mile ultra race which looks kind of cool.

4. Geneva Marathon

I have a friend who lives here, what a perfect way to combine visiting her and her husband, seeing a new city and running!

5.  Malta Marathon – love this country and its in February so a perfect winter sun break – oh and apparently a lot of it is downhill = perfect PB potential and ideal for a hill hater like me!

6.  Serpentine Last Friday of the Month 5K

I need to improve my 5k time and my local Parkrun Gunnersbury Park with its ascent over the last 1K is hardly an ideal course.

7.  New York Marathon – I’ve never been to New York and their marathon looks pretty cool.

8.  Chicago marathon – ditto as above.

9. Boston Marathon – even more prestigious (and difficult) than getting a London Good for Age place!

10.  Torbay Half Marathon – a summer half marathon by the beach what is not to love!

11. The Great Barrow Challenge – 10 marathons in 1o days eeeeeekkkkkkkk!

12. Istanbul Marathon – i’ve literally wanted to go to Istanbul for years!!!  Now I can make it a runcation!!

13. Ealing Half Marathon – this is my running club’s (Ealing Eagles) half marathon and due to impending marathons, injury and running a marathon on the same day I have never run it!  I have volunteered though and it was amazing just to watch so can’t wait to run it myself!

14. Kent roadrunner marathon – its crazy and there has to be some serious PB potential!

15. Halstead and Essex Marathon

16. Reykjavik Marathon

17.  Budapest Half Marathon – another runcation location!!

18.  Loch Ness Marathon – who wouldn’t want to at least see Loch Ness?!

19. Paris Half Marathon

20. Holualoa Tucson Marathon – predominantly downhill marathon course!!!

21. Luxor Marathon

22.  Giant’s Head Marathon – best reviews on Runner’s World that I have ever seen albeit a super hilly course!

23. The hot runner – 7in7 http://www.ultrarunningltd.co.uk

24. Riga Marathon

25. Helsinki City Marathon

26.  Chesterfield Marathon

27.  Loch Ness Marathon

28.  Cologne Marathon

29.  Bournemouth Marathon

30. The November Nightmare – 6 marathons in 6 days!

31. Walt Disney World Marathon

32. Honolulu Marathon (excuse to go to Hawaii!!!)

33. Marathon du Medoc

34. Air New Zealand Queenstown International Marathon – I have had New Zealand on my places to visit bucket list for a LONG time.  Most of my Dad’s family live out there and I have never been!  Plus some of our favourite friends recently moved back home to New Zealand!

35. Intertrust Cayman Islands Marathon

36.  Niagara Falls International Marathon

37. Athens Authentic Marathon

38.  Tokyo Marathon

39. Marathon de la Baie du Mont Saint-Michel (Normandy, France so not too far and flat!!)

40. Midnight Sun Marathon – Norway

41.  Sparkasse Marathon – passes through Germany, Austria and Switzerland!

42. Brathay Windmere Marathon

43. Seville Marathon

44.Rock and Roll USA Marathon – Washington USA

45. Rotterdam Marathon

46. Vienna City Marathon

47. Croydon Half Marathon

48. Paddock Woods Half Marathon

49. Bracknell Half Marathon

50. Chester Half Marathon

51. Tewkesbury Half Marathon

52. Jersey Half Marathon

53. St Albans Half Marathon

54. Southend Half Marathon

55. Bermuda Half Marathon

56. Buller George Half Marathon (New Zealand)

57. Kilimanjaro Marathon

58. Vienna Marathon

59. LA Marathon

60. Gothenburg Half

61. Rio Half Marathon

62. Mauritius Half Marathon

63. Bogota Half Marathon

64. Da Nang Half Marathon

65. Bali Marathon

66. Dingle Marathon

67. Lake Garda Marathon

68. Rock and Roll Lisbon Half Marathon

69. Isle of Wight Half Marathon





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