Update on base training, a new 5K PB and my first half marathon of the year!

Happy New Year Folks!

As ever, I have been rubbish at keeping my blog updated!  The good news is that for once this is not because I have been injured, on the contrary, for once, me and running are in a happy place!

I have absolutely loved my base training period.  I am now totally convinced by the idea that it is stupid and harmful to try and increase mileage and intensity at the same time.  Instead, i’ve been slowly increasing my mileage and I feel proud.  It is the most I have ever run and it feels like the longest period that I haven’t been injured.  Typically, I run most runs at 8:30 – 9m/m which isn’t speedy obviously BUT I can feel myself getting stronger and maintaining the pace getting easier.

I have also taken great pride in running in an even paced manner.  I have always been appalling at pacing – starting off way too fast and slowly dying throughout a run.  Running like I currently am and then finishing faster is incredibly rewarding.

I haven’t been doing any consistent speed work or hills and yet I am also getting faster- yay! I recently ran a sub 22 minute 5k on the hilly Gunnersbury Parkrun course!!!  Yay – 21:39 to be precise – I wasn’t even sure I had it in me and I did it all on my own – no pacing assistance from anyone!  Next step sub 21 minutes and a new mile PB!!!

I am running my first half marathon of the year: Great Bentley Half Marathon on Sunday. In my mind, I think I can run a sub 1:40 half marathon and soon.  I will try for it on Sunday but I will certainly obtain that goal at some point this season mark my words!

In other news, I am reading Kelly Holmes’ autobiography and can identify so much with her!  From running 800 and 1500m from a young age, to battling with injury, her raw honesty and down to earth nature and finally the person of Wes Duncan who also happens to be my physio and used to be her coach!!  I feel like I’d love to again on the track some time soon so watch this space!



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